Designing the Sale: Increasing Conversion Rates

If I asked you what the purpose of your advisor website is, what would your answer be? In most cases, financial advisors want their websites to perform well, namely to increase conversion rates. This could mean anything from obtaining more sign-ups or subscribers to their financial products or services. “Conversion” is an online marketing term that describes an instance of […]

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Why You, Yes YOU, Should Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

It’s hard to be a financial advisor on the internet. We get it, compliance is tough, your company has its own regulations, and keeping up a social media persona is grueling work, especially when the perception is your target audience still primarily consumes print media and is best won over with a game of golf and a strong handshake. Know […]

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4 Ways to Become an Advisor to Potential Clients

You’re an amazing financial advisor, and your potential client is right there, ready for you to swoop in and help them achieve their dream. Here are a few tips you can keep in your back pocket to help you convert that potential into an actuality.   Stop Promoting. Your clients are people, real people who have wants and needs and […]

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5 Steps to Supercharge Your Financial Services Social Media Strategy – By Michael L. Morrison

I’ve worked with many marketing managers/directors in financial services during my 15 years of sales and marketing in the industry. One of the people that I’ve stayed in contact with from the beginning is Michael Morrison. My personal and profession respect for Michael runs deep. I could say so much about his character….just know that he is quality! Professionally, Michael […]

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4 Reasons Financial Professionals should use LinkIn…Now!

Many businesses shy away from LinkedIn as part of their marketing plan.  For the professional whose business is dependent on referrals and new introductions for growth, LinkedIn is the most important social media platform to master. LinkedIn makes it easy for financial advisors to gain new introductions to ideal prospects. With quality consistent communication, introductions can become relationships and new […]

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3 Gifts you should get your business this year

Finished with your holiday shopping? Have you even started? It is fun to shop for the important people in your life. What’s on the shopping list for your business? 2013 was another year that social media proved it isn’t a passing fad. Consider mastering social media marketing. A social marketing presence is a gift you can give your business that […]

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