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The team at Social Advisors treats our clients’ businesses as our own. We eat, sleep and breathe network growth and lead development. 

We’re here because we love what we do! Let us develop a direct messaging strategy designed to create steady network growth for your business.

We Aim to Educate

Visit our Youtube Channel to watch our weekly tutorials and stay tuned for our new podcast in 2019, "Direct Message" a Business Development Podcast teaching you everything you need to know about building your business through personalized messaging.

Meet the Leadership Team

Social Advisors is made up of a diverse background of individuals that come together to form strategies that help us evolve through the ever changing digital landscape.

Charlie Van Derven

As a 20-year veteran of digital marketing I have witnessed the social revolution of the Internet evolve into the rise of social media and email marketing. By working with some of the world’s largest brands to help define digital strategy, I have come to understand that businesses who don’t take this full advantage are telling their customers they are not interested in communicating where today’s consumer wants to communicate. They’re turning buyers away instead of embracing the changes in the social landscape. Social media should be the dominant focus of every business’s marketing and communication strategy.

Karmen Van Derven

My creative background in arts and technical writing is an asset to all of our clients. From conceptualization to implementation, I give an extra edge to ads and marketing campaigns for clients from any industry. My love for creating online communities and crowd sourcing content drives our in-house brand management and keeps our custom ads fun, engaging, and audience-positive. A photographer by trade, I truly have an eye for building an image portfolio that sets you apart from anyone in your industry. I have so many unique ideas for you, don’t let them go to waste.

Mel Yancey

Organized. Methodical. Purposeful. You want your account manager to be in this to win this FOR YOU. My great social media and content calendar keeps everything in motion. I personally get to know you and your company, which allows me to keep you updated in the progress of your profiles and growth of your business. The content department is kept on top of YOUR game, making sure your marketing campaigns are always nice, unique, tidy, and top of the line.

Daniel Pohl

In a world driven by visual communications, it's important to grab people's attention. I started my marketing career as a photographer and have branched out to be an every-man of media. When I'm not behind my camera I'm at my desk, creating new content for clients. Rather that content is a driven approach to Social Media or a LinkedIn headshot, it's my job to make it shine. In a world powered by Social Media, it's a challenge to make your brand the one that captures your target audience. As a photographer and creator, I live for that next big challenge.

Stephanie Tuck

As a listener, go-getter, professional, and your Account Executive, I am dedicated to providing exceptional service in communication, the content I provide, and making sure it is implemented in a timely manner. As a mother, wife, and friend, I am versed in honing in to what matters to you most to help you get connected to the clients you need.

Ashlee Theodore

As your account executive, I work to build a relationship and open line of communication. My goal is to create a genuine and reliable contact for all my clients. In doing so I help to start conversations and create credible leads for each client. Leads based on an individual basis. Through my experiences professionally, educationally, and personally I have developed a demand for professionalism. My work includes personalization and relationship building. In a position like mine it is vital to build and maintain open lines of communication. Working as the Account Executive I am not only working in the clients best interest. My goal is to create credible leads for them.

Adryan Nesser

Servicing you is my number one priority. I work closely with our product team to make sure that our services can benefit your business. and create packages that are tailored to your individual needs. I have a passionate management style with a hands-on mentoring approach. I am focused on providing you with results. I believe in open communication and provide support to help my clients through the on boarding process.

Jen Fowler

With my own experience in financial planning, I understand the struggle of being seen and growing a business within a niche market. I work closely with our product team to make sure that our services can benefit your business and create packages that are tailored to your individual needs. I have a passionate management style with a hands-on mentoring approach. I focus on growing professionals’ networks and creating consistent sales opportunities. 

Outside of work, I am very active in the community through the public school system and enjoy my work in a ladies service club. I am married with three amazing kids. I love to travel to the sunny south and I spend free time reading, writing and cooking for my family.

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