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The team at Social Advisors treats our clients’ businesses as our own. We eat, sleep and breathe marketing and content development. We’re here because we love what we do! Let us develop a marketing strategy designed to create steady revenue growth for your business.

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Social Advisors is comprised of a diverse digital marketing team. By collaborating each talent in every project we consistently produce top of the line campaigns for our clients. Our charismatic reputation withstands any competitor and we wish to share that with you and your business.

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Charlie Van Derven

As a 20-year veteran of digital marketing I have witnessed the social revolution of the Internet evolve into the rise of social media and email marketing. By working with some of the world’s largest brands to help define digital strategy, I have come to understand that businesses who don’t take this full advantage are telling their customers they are not interested in communicating where today’s consumer wants to communicate. They’re turning buyers away instead of embracing the changes in the social landscape. Social media should be the dominant focus of every business’s marketing and communication strategy.


Karmen Van Derven

Creative Director & Photographer

My creative background in arts and technical writing is an asset to all of our clients. From conceptualization to implementation, I give an extra edge to ads and marketing campaigns for clients from any industry. My love for creating online communities and crowd sourcing content drives our in-house brand management and keeps our custom ads fun, engaging, and audience-positive. A photographer by trade, I truly have an eye for building an image portfolio that sets you apart from anyone in your industry. I have so many unique ideas for you, don’t let them go to waste.


Mel Yancey

Client Account Manager

Organized. Methodical. Purposeful. You want your account manager to be in this to win this FOR YOU. My great social media and content calendar keeps everything in motion. I personally get to know you and your company, which allows me to keep you updated in the progress of your profiles and growth of your business. The content department is kept on top of YOUR game, making sure your marketing campaigns are always nice, unique, tidy, and top of the line.


Jessica Taylor

Web & Graphic Design Manager

Here at Social Advisors my day to day involves putting almost 10 years of coding knowledge to the test. To be fair I have always been a tech nerd, whether hooking up entertainment systems, creating custom MySpace themes for friends, or reading HTML, CSS, and PHP books at 11 (Yep I was that kid), technology is my life. I graduated as a Bonner Leader from Stetson University with a Bachelor degree in Marketing and a Minor in Entrepreneurship. My past humanitarian services includes working in Cambodia at the People Improvement Organization, where I took over their website and tech needs during my stay.


Tommy Palmatier

Engagement Manager

In the world of social media change is inevitable. Staying ahead of the trends and creating brand awareness is my specialty. Brand integrity, product knowledge, and attention to detail are a priority for me as your engagement specialist. With over 15 years in product representation, marketing, and the customer service industry, I have been able to work for many of the brand names you recognize within your own home. I work day and night researching analytics to bring your brand or service to the forefront of your target audience, and from that I diligently get conversations started and connections made.


Ray Hallberg

Content Manager

With over 10 years of marketing and management experience under my belt, I take on many responsibilities at Social Advisors. Much of my time is spent providing Brand Management and Content Creation for our diverse assortment of clients. It is my responsibility to increase your company’s brand awareness to your target audience, while forming and developing relationships to grow your client base. I always say it’s “Just Another Day in Paradise” at Social Advisors. I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration & Marketing. The only thing greater than my passion for my career is my son, family, friends… oh yea, and the Chicago Bulls & Cubs!

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